Are You Ready to Sculpt the Body You Have Always Wanted (without depriving yourself of food you love)?

A fully updated guide to transforming your body (pdf):
  • ​Bonus Printable Forms. This ebook is not for casual reading. It's an action plan. I've included printable forms for you to fill in to help keep you motivated and accountable.
  • Learn the techniques and strategies I used to transform my body. These techniques are suitable for beginners but advanced strategies are included as well.
  • Bonus Calorie and Macro Calculator. The ebook has a built in calculator that you can use to tailor your nutrition program to your needs. Don't know what you need? I'll teach you.

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Kyla shifted her thinking and shredded the fat in 12 weeks while owning a restaurant in downtown Chicago.

Here's What You Get with the Ebook:

Shift Your Thinking

Learn why people often fail using exercise and nutrition plans. Gain tips on how to change your thinking in order to finally change your body...permanently.

Easy to Follow Nutrition Plan

Learn what is the best nutrition plan (with calorie and macronutrient recommendations) for weight loss. Steal my nutrition tips and tricks. You will even get meal by meal recommendations

Full Metabolic Exercise Plan

My full resistance training program (gym required) w/ exercise demonstrations. Improve your heart and lung health wit my full cardiovascular training program. Burn calories even hours after you exercise

Research Based Injury Prevention Plan

Warm up and cool down instructions, Full dynamic stretching program with picture demonstrations

Supplementation Plan

Full supplement guide. Know exactly what supplements to take & when to take them for maximum effectiveness.

Motivation and Accountability Guide

Never struggle with staying motivated again. Learn the Do’s & Dont’s for setting goals. Includes printable forms to track goals and create your accountability network.

Kafayat shifted her thinking and shredded the fat in 12 weeks despite being a foodie and having zero lifting experience.

About the Author: Dr. Halid Shokunbi, DPT

Whats up, my name is Halid Shokunbi. I am the owner of My fitness journey most notably began in 2012 when I was overweight, tired, and fed up with what I became. In 12 weeks I lost 30lbs and even won the $100,000 Transformation Challenge. I'm most proud of the fact I was able to transform while still eating at restaurants and eating food I loved. My mission is to show others how to do the same.

Alann Weissman-Ward

In the past I've tried all types of things to lose weight: juice fast, low carb, ultra low calorie. I always struggled having patience with the process. I also would set unreasonable and unattainable goals. When I wouldn't achieve these unattainable goals I would feel defeated and just give up.

After trying out the Shift and Shred plan, my relationship with food has changed. There are no foods that are strictly off limits! This has allowed me to continue to stay on track, go eat out and have meals with friends.

In fact, I actually have been eating more foods in general, and specifically eat more nutritious foods. On top of that, I have already lost 4lbs and 1 inch in my waist in the first 3 weeks of starting the that's awesome!

I am more relaxed about this weight loss thing and have more faith and trust in my ability to lose bodyfat. I am definitely going to be sticking with this diet plan for a while. It allows for flexibility that feels crucial to being able to stay on this path of achieving my goals!

A Full Guide to Transforming Your Mind and Body

Why is this fitness eBook different from all the rest??

I teach you how to shift your thinking. Any transformation you have seen started with a transformation in thinking. This is the key to starting AND finishing anything in fitness. Learn how you can make the shift and transform with the Shift and Shred ebook.

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